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Opening Hours:

Treatments: (only after consultation)
Sundays and Holidays – 10:00-18:00
Tuesday through Saturday – 09:30-18:00
Mondays (only group bookings) – 10:00-18:00

Reception Hours for Appointments and to purchase a Gift Certificate
Tuesday through Saturday – 0930-1800

Use of Sauna – daily until 22:00
(only in combination with a treatment)

If you need to cancel an appointment, please do so within three days so that the time may be available for otherclients. No shows at an appointment will be charged 50% of the cost. Thank you for your understanding.


Price List

Ayurvedic Massages
(Most massages include a 5-10 mins. Calming period after the treatment)

Any massage can be complemented by a visit to the colored healing lamp energy in the sauna, a relaxing bath in the Cleopatra bath, or enjoying a light salad for lunch with Ayurvedic teas and gemstone energized water for
49 Euros

A1 Abhyanga Massage
The body is relaxed through gentle stroking to reinvigorate it with warmth and vitality.
This Ayurvedic oil massage cleanses, strengthens, regenerates and relaxes!
90 mins. - 99 Euros
60 mins. - 65 Euros

A2 Abhyanga Synchronicity
This is a special massage that has been long practiced in India. Masseuse partners use a
partner ayurvedic oil that corresponds to your particular body type. It relaxes,
revitalizes and cleanses the body.
60 mins. - 130 Euros

A3 Shirodhara – Forehead Oil “Kiss”
First a short foot massage with oil relaxes and balances the body. Then, the forehead oil “Kiss” follows with a fine stream of warm sesame oil in the area of the third eye. This massage also stimulates the deepest central region of the brain. It allows stress and headaches to disappear. Brahma randra – the Gate to God, lies on the highest spot of the head. The warm oil  flows over this area and reawakens vitality. For many, the “Dhara” is a particularly special experience.
60 mins. - 79 Euros
with foot massage, 90 mins. - 109 Euros

A4 Udvartana
This cleansing full body massage is with a special powder that we create here. It creates a peeling effect to allow the skin to breathe better and improves the metabolism. Good for those with cold symptoms or bronchial ailments.
75 mins. - 95 Euros

A5 Upanahsveda – Back Massage
Ayurvedic tradition believes that a straight, strong back promotes beauty. This relaxing back massage pampers the body and releases blockages and tension. Treat yourself to this touch of luxury with an herbal cure. You will feel like a new person!
60 mins. - 65 Euros

A6 Padabhyanga
“Illness affects noone who massages his feet before sleeping, as a snake that does not allow the eagle to come near.” Indian Proverb This is a relaxing foot and calf massage that has a positive effect not only on the internal
organs, but also on the blood, lymph and energy systems. It relieves fatigue and improves sleep. There is a soothing warmth and freshness throughout the body.
45 mins. - 49 Euros

A7 Lepas
This full body (including facial) massage is with a special package that is tailor made for
your body type. It has a calming effect and firms and improves the skins' appearance.
90 mins. - 120 Euros

A8 Jambira-Pinda-Sveda
This treatment pampers using a cloth “stamp” containing coconut flakes, lemon peel and warm oils. The peeling effect detoxes and firms the skin, making it softer and smoother. It is also good for cellulite.
90 mins. - 120 Euros

A9 Pinda-Sveda
This massage uses a cloth “stamp” of specially prepared rice and herbs for your body type. It provides new strength and stability. The digestion is stimulated and stiffness in the joints is relieved.
90 mins. - 135 Euros

A10 LavaNa-Pinda-Sveda
This special treatment uses a cloth “stamp” filled with Himalayan salt, herbs and oils. The resulting effect is relieving pain (especially in the joints), relaxation and helping to regulate the metabolism.
90 mins. - 130 Euros

A11 Garshan
First, experience a soothing massage with silk gloves followed by a gentle oil massage.
90 mins. - 99 Euros

A12 Mukabhyanga
Here is a facial massage for the inner beauty and the senses to provide deep relaxation. Focus is on the marma (energy) points of the face, particularly in the areas of the chin, overlip, eyebrows, forehead and ears.
45 mins. - 49 Euros

A13 Mukabhyanga Package
(only booked with A12)
To the Muabhyanga facial massage, we add a facial herbal pack and hand or foot reflexology. Finally, an ayurvedic cream is massaged on the face.
15 mins. - 25 Euros

A14 Ayurvedic Head Massage
Shiroabhyanga is a head and shoulder massage that relaxes the entire body and improves the blood circulation in the head. It improves the skin's appearance of the face and eliminates fatigue.
30 mins. - 35 Euros

A18 Kativasti
This treatment begins with a short back massage stimulating the marma (energy) points. Then follows an Ayurvedic massage with herbal oils and (DOUGH?) in the lumbar region. It is especially helpful for intervertebral discs and sciatica problems.
60 mins. - 75 Euros


All cosmetic treatments include a cleansing, peeling, mask, massage, final touches and express makeup.

Make a full day from the treatment and enjoy our additional package consisting of visiting the color therapy sauna, a Cleopatra bath, a delicious salad and ayurvedic teas and gemstone water
49 Euros

K1 Ritual Hydra Experience
This freshly innovative treatment with a moisturizing mousse mask refreshes thirsty skin, smoothes dryness wrinkles and gives the skin new luminosity.
60 mins. - 69 Euros

more offers coming soon!